About RenGen


Dedicated to Understanding the Indie Gamer Market

RenGen Marketing is a small digital marketing team which strongly believes that creative and innovative solutions are the present, and the future of internet marketing for the indie game industry.

Short for Renaissance Generation, we exemplify the major shift in understanding the consumer and their search intent. In today’s marketing age, we face a new way of handling search marketing and social media marketing. The consumer is much more aware and evolved than ever before. Even indie game developers and publishers face this change, and we do everything possible to bridge that gap between you and your target market.

With our list of products and services, we aim to be educational in our efforts to improve the visibility of your indie game, or the studio you represent. We understand that there is a dire need for indie game developers to have the resources necessary to successfully market their indie game.

While working with several indie game developers, studios and even publishers, it was apparent to us that the indie game industry has grown tremendously in recent years. This is great for the industry, but makes it remarkably challenging for a new game to make a “splash”. Some may suggest there is a massive “Indie Apocalypse” around the corner, but from our experience, even great games can fail in this industry.

A great game needs a great marketing strategy to succeed, we realize this, and we hope to share this insight with indie game developers to help improve their chances for successfully launching an indie game title.