Indie Game Marketing

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The Reality of Indie Game Marketing

So, you are making a game. You put years, tears, and your soul into this project and now it’s time crowd fund or launch your game. Great, you and a ton of other game developers.

How will you stand out from the crowd? With more indie game developers and studios popping up every day, there is a lot of clutter to push through to reach your future fans, and your twitter account can’t do it alone.

It’s a reality that we all have to face, regardless of how it makes you feel. What’s important though, is pushing those concerns aside, accept the fact, and do something about it. You need to market your game.

Everyone seems to get hung up on the term “marketing”. Marketing requires a lot, whether it’s money, time, or a certain skillset. In either event, it’s usually something that a lot of indie game developers don’t have or don’t feel is important. If your game is good enough, they will come...right?

AAA titles can spend upwards of 50% or more of the total game budget on marketing alone. To spare a lot of other facts and details, let's just say they wouldn’t invest so much of their budget into marketing if they didn’t feel it was worth it.

Well for indie game studios, it’s more often the case that they have a minute fraction of that figure which they can dedicate to marketing efforts. That’s where we can help.

RenGen Marketing understands the challenges and limitations that indie game developers face when it comes to launching their crowd fund campaign or releasing their game. That’s why we have structured our indie game marketing services in a manner that is palatable to all developers and studios.

Whether you are looking for a full scale, hands on marketing approach to your Kickstarter campaign or just want enough insight from us so you can market your game yourself, we just care about one thing;somehow, some way, we helped get a game out to people who want to play it.

Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is crucial for any indie game studio. Getting a game out there is good, but having people know your studio is how legacies are born.


A well structured campaign can either make or break a studio. Learning from others is great, but nothing quite cuts it like hands-on experience.

Online Advertising

Online advertising doesn't have to be expensive or mysterious. Targeting key audiences with effective and proven strategies is like having an ace in the hole.

Community Management

Community management doesn't stop with updates and news. Engaging fans and turning them into dedicated advocates is when the magic happens.


Regardless of what stage of the journey you are at with your game , we will be happy to serve as your guide. Through collaboration and highly focused sessions, we can work within your project's scope to help you achieve your goals.