Community Management

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Engaging Community Management for Indie Devs

When you build exposure for your game, what you may not realize is you are also building a community. Fostering a community can be a lot of work especially when time is limited during your crowdfunding campaign or getting ready for product launch. Regardless of how busy you are, you’ll need to make certain the community you created isn’t left by the wayside.

Out of all the resources your indie game studio has tapped into, your community is your greatest asset and should never be left unmanaged. Your most devoted fans are the lifeblood of the community, and without them it's going to be very difficult to achieve your goals.

RenGen understands the importance and commitment that is required to continue to grow and manage your community. We work with devs and studios by collaborating on the best approach when reaching out to fans, making sure that they are fully engaged and want to share your project.

Whether it involves fully maintaining social media assets or collaborating on the best social channels and strategies to pursue, RenGen will make sure that your message does what it needs to do: get more fans!

Need a different approach to engaging your fans or just want to offload some of the work? We can help!