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Crowdfunding for Indie Games

Getting a lot of followers is a challenge in itself, but crowdfunding is a completely different animal. Everyone is familiar with the benefits that crowdfunding provides, but it’s easy to forget how much work is required to make it a success. While having a great concept and demo is a good start, there is a lot more required to crowdfunding than most indie game devs may realize.

Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is relatively easy, which means many other people can easily launch other projects that can cater to multiple interests. As more people start using crowdfunding as a source to fund their game you need to take things a step further and determine how are you going to hit certain milestones and get people to back your game over another project.

RenGen is very knowledgeable of the crowdfunding process, from pre-campaign development all the way to a successful, fully funded campaign. We have monitored and studied numerous successful and failed campaigns, taking what we have learned and helping indie game devs execute a winning campaign. Through a combination of traditional and innovative strategies that are proven for success, we are confident our help will get your project the funding it needs.

If you want help structuring your campaign or need an analysis of what you have done so far, let us know. We're happy to help!