Stand Out at Pax

How to Stand Out at PAX and Game Expos

  A Guide for Indie Dev Exhibitors If you are going to PAX or another game convention to exhibit your indie game you need to stand out. Being like everyone else or “normal” is like getting a headshot. It will kill your event experience and you don’t get to respawn until the next show. Don’t […]

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Creating a Marketable Game: Art Style

It’s a fact that good games get passed over because of bad art. Now, “bad art” doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks bad, but more that the art doesn’t “fit” the game it’s in. It’s a difficult concept, and there isn’t really any formula out there (that I know of) that can pinpoint exactly what […]

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How to Make an Indie Game Trailer Great

Just like games, there are a lot of good indie game trailers out there. With everything that indie games are already up against, standing out from the crowd with an awesome game trailer is one way to create some impact with your indie game marketing.   The idea that a game trailer needs to stand […]

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watch indie game bubble

Don’t Believe in The Indie Game Bubble Rumors

There is no “Indie Game Bubble” bursting or an #indiepocalypse, but there is constant natural erosion. Before I explain what is meant with “natural erosion”, we should take a moment to recap on what spurred the topic of the indie game bubble: Back in 2014, a rumor began to really pick up steam with many […]

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