Consulting Sessions

These are 1-on-1 consulting sessions that offer flexibility and focused attention to help you solve problems in a timely manner.

Brain Storming Session

Don’t get stuck and overwhelmed with creating awareness for your game.

This two-hour session gives us plenty of time to explore your main problem, come up with a solution you’re comfortable with, and outline what action steps you need to take. Don’t worry, you won’t leave without a plan if we run over! 🙂

  • This is ideal for addressing problems like…
  • A review of your website and ideas to improve results
  • Ways to optimize your Steam page
  • Ideas on how to approach your audience to create more awareness.
  • Ways to better connect and engage with your community

I recommend this for anyone who wants help with ideas, looking to create a strategy, or needs clarity and direction in a collaborative session.

Ready to start some serious brainstorming?

Optimized Coaching

It sucks when you get lost in details and have more questions than answers to your problems.

This in-depth coaching approach gives us the time and attention to review your entire marketing strategy. Over the course of four, one-hour sessions, we’ll dig into specific campaigns, find out what’s happening, why, and how to maximize their performance moving forward.

The focus of these sessions is to translate information into actionable steps that will improve your marketing campaigns and make them sustainable. This fast-paced coaching will get you back on course with your goals, be confident in your decisions while learning what metrics to act on.

This is ideal for addressing problems like…

  • Trouble understanding and maximizing paid advertising campaigns.
  • Not knowing how to attribute your marketing efforts to your focused result.
  • Trying to determine which metrics best contribute to your focused results.
  • Identifying which marketing efforts can be increased (or cut back).

I recommend this for anyone that already has a marketing process but needs to better understand, evaluate, and optimize its output.

Ready to fine-tune and optimize your campaigns?