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Collaborative Consulting for Indie Game Developers

There just simply isn’t enough collaborative consulting for indie game developers. For one, you already know the challenges you face when it comes to digital marketing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Even if part of your team is dedicated to handling marketing efforts, that’s great but they may not be marketing specialists.

Why is it that companies with marketing teams still rely on marketing firms to help them with their efforts?

If it says anything about their internal team, it’s that they aware of what they are able to handle at a high level but may not have all the knowledge or insight needed to create the most effective plan possible for their company to succeed.

Hence, why they rely on others to help them become better at what they do.

We don’t want to replace anyone on your team. Your team is a strong asset and the lifeblood of your company.

What we do want to do is provide them with valuable tools, concepts and strategies that will make their job easier and ultimately benefit the rest of the team.

We have a broad scope of digital marketing experience and love collaborating with teams so we can provide essential guidance on how to reach your goals.

Want to take a more holistic approach to your marketing efforts? We’re happy to discuss and lay out what an effective and actionable plan will look like.

Need to focus more on a specific channel? There are a number of skillsets we have so we can dive right in with you, outlining strategies and tactics that will deliver results.

If you already have a plan in place, great! Let us discuss if there are ways of improving it so you can exceed your expectations.

Through our highly focused and prepared consulting sessions we'll provide you the tools, resources and knowledge you’ll need to conquer your marketing expectations for any current or future video game titles.

Don’t hold yourself back from improving your own capabilities.

Looking for proper guidance to exceed your expectations? RenGen is ready to bring your marketing strategy to the next level.


Are you making the same mistakes other indie devs are with their marketing?


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