Game Community Management

Engaging game community management for indie devs

Game community management is an essential part of your indie game marketing. When you create exposure for your game, you’re also building a community. 

Community management for indie devs can be a lot of work especially when your time is limited.

Regardless of how busy you are though, you need to ensure your efforts are maximized by having the right foundation in place for your community to grow. 

Out of all the resources your indie game has, your community is your greatest asset and should never be left unmanaged. Your fans are the lifeblood of your game’s community, and not keeping them engaged can make it more challenging to achieve your goals.

A lot of commitment is required to continue to grow and manage your community. We work with you by collaborating on the best approach to reaching fans, making sure that they are fully engaged and excited about your project.

If you’re needing guidance or management to fully maintain your Discord server, social media or other platforms, we’re here to help.

By providing you with guidance, structure, strategies, and the dedication required for your game community management, you can be confident your fans will have a community they are proud to be a part of.

Game community mangement costs

Your game community management costs can vary based on your game’s community needs and ultimately what your goals are. 

Below is a basic breakdown of the services we provide and what starting costs may be.

Please contact us to request a proposal.

Project DeliverablesTime FrameCost
Community Management
– Develop strategies to increase engagement and growth.
– Monitor and maintain a healthy community
– Drive engagement through interaction and incentives.
– Manage, create and update channels as needed.
Discord Community Basic Setup
– Creating Discord server (if needed)
– Basic Outline Channel/Category structure
– Creating user roles and permissions
– Single bot set up
1 Month$1,200
Discord Community Advanced Setup
– Creating Discord server (if needed)
– Advanced Outline Channel/Category structure
– Creating user roles and permissions
– Multiple bot set up
– Create messaging for pinned channel posts
– Create a plan for engagement protocol
– Outline/plan for potential incentives and events.
1 Month$2,000

Additional Notes – Community Management

  • Tasks and work required would primarily focus on one platform (Discord/social media)
  • Management of the community group will be performed on a daily/bi-daily basis.
  • Methods to help drive engagement and growth will consist of interaction, incentives and events.

Additional Notes – Discord Server Setup

  • Outline of channel/category structure will need to be approved prior to setting up.
  • Bot setup to help moderate and assist with basic user commands for community members. (Basic)
  • Multiple bot setup to help moderate and assist with advanced user commands for community members. Assist with custom bot creation. (Advanced set up).
  • Engagement protocol plan applies to general community, catering to influencers and/or obtaining moderators.  
  • Can assist in creation of Discord Beta Page (Advanced set up).

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