Indie Game Advertising

Effective indie game advertising for game studios

Having a strong online presence with indie game advertising can be essential to help drive traffic to your game.  

Even if you’re optimizing your web assets and channels, the extra exposure with paid advertising can help amplify your organic efforts and stand out to a greater audience.

Indie game paid advertising can be a challenge to manage. Advertising platforms are robust but can be cumbersome at best. 

When paid advertising is managed correctly it can provide valuable insight, additional growth opportunities, and a means to generate sustainable results. 

And this can be accomplished within a short period of time.

If you’re looking to target your ideal audience while increasing your goals in a reduced time frame, we’re happy to discuss how indie game advertising with ads can help your game.

Indie game advertising case studies

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Indie game advertising costs

Your indie game advertising costs can vary based on the number of campaigns, accounts, and various other types of factors.

Below is a basic breakdown of the services we provide and what their starting costs may be.

Please contact us to request a proposal.

Project DeliverablesTime FrameCost
Account Setup
– Development of paid strategy
– Targeting research and audience creation
– Prospecting and/or remarketing campaign setup
– Attribution/tracking setup
– Drafting ad copy and revisions.
About 2 Weeks$500*
Account Management
– Ongoing management and optimization 
– Campaign segmentation as needed
– Daily/Weekly account updates
Paid Advertising Adspend Cost
(Minimum suggested of $500)
Monthly$500*** ~

Additional Notes – Paid Advertising Management

  • The primary goal of campaigns is to drive the main conversion or key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Optimization of account includes reviewing/updating audiences, identifying best performing ads, placements and other related tasks.
  • All ad copy created will require approval prior to ads being enabled to serve.
  • Responding to comments on ads is related to community management and considered out of scope.
  • *Project setup costs can vary depending on the scope.
  • **After $2,500 in monthly ad spend, the management rate would be 20% of total monthly ad spend.
  • ***The suggested advertising budget range is $500 to $1,500+, depending on campaign objectives.

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