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Episode Name:

Indie Game Movement Holiday Episode 2022!

Episode Description:

It’s the end of the year, so we wanted to put together a special holiday episode filled with fun and cheer. In fact, this episode was so big, we had to make it into two parts.

This year we invite a bunch of past guests where we ask them some random holiday questions while we discuss and reflect on the past year and how what we learned will shape our outlook for the new year! 

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Episode Appeared in

IGM Ep 285: How to Humanize your Studio and Set Player Expectations

What is your favorite holiday story you like sharing with others?

Not so much a story, but every year changing the location of who’s hosting.

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Discord: lilastrid #0791

Chris Z

Episode Appeared in

IGM Ep 118: How indie devs can understand and influence consumer behavior

IGM Ep 140: How to leverage the dev community

What’s your favorite holiday movie?

A Christmas Story

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Episode Appeared in

IGM Ep 120: PAX East BONUS – Panel coverage about leveling up your conversation

IGM Ep 127: The inclusion conversation and where to begin.

What’s your favorite holiday food?

A big vat of Pho

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Episode Appeared in

IGM Ep 277: Getting Audiences Excited using fan fiction

What’s your favorite dessert during the holidays?

Extremely amazing chocolate cake. (Link to recipe coming soon!!)

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Joanna’s LinkedIn

Chris W

Episode Appeared in.

IGM Ep 133: How to Stand out in the digital landscape

IGM Ep 141: End Year Special (with Jenny)

What’s a holiday tradition you have with your friends/family?

Hanging out with friends at someone’s garage and family bringing over their own homemade food to share with everyone.

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Episode Appeared in

IGM Ep 251: How to market to cultural audiences

What was your favorite video game you received as a gift?

Risk of Rain. Wasn’t thinking he’d be a great fan and then 50 hours later was HOOKED!

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Episode Appeared in

IGM Ep 124: How to Keep Your Community Healthy

What’s your favorite childhood holiday memory?

Her and her brother getting a Nintendo 64!

How to reach out?

All Socials!!! @kimchica25

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