Consulting Sessions and Programs

These are consulting options that provide you with flexibility and focused attention in a 1-on-1 format. Long-term offerings provide greater attention with unlimited guidance and support. 

So what exactly does “unlimited guidance and support” mean?

Peace of mind consulting

Lots of times when you work with consultants, you’re limited to time. That also means you’re limited on how much help you can get.

These consulting programs were created to provide you with peace of mind meaning you’ll always have access to help and support, at no additional cost.

Honestly, this made the most sense so our collaborative partnership could truly focus on achieving your visions and goals.

Consulting Offerings

Steam Page Audit

Detailed analysis with actionable recommendations

Brain Storming Session

Collaborative sessions to solve problems

Optimized Coaching

In-depth coaching to maximize awareness efforts

Customized Awareness Plan

A step-by-step plan for creating awareness

Sustainability Programs

Community building and sustained awareness

Steam Page Audit

The audit involves an in-depth analysis and review of all aspects of the Steam store presence for your game, a written report with an actionable list of recommended improvements, and a presentation of it.

This is ideal for addressing problems like…

  • Increasing the appeal of the Steam store page for the game to maximize its effectiveness in converting the existing interest into purchases.
  • Clarifying the messaging to address the feelings of confusion and hesitation in the buyer.
  • Addressing discoverability of the game in the Steam store search, browse, and categorize interfaces.
  • Improving the clickthrough rates of the Steam store capsule banners.

Any indie game developer will benefit from an expert Steam store page review although I especially recommend this service for studios doing their first Steam release and hoping to make the best use of Steam platform discoverability features.

It is time to optimize your Steam store page!

Brain Storming Session

This two-hour session gives us plenty of time to explore your main problem, come up with a solution you’re comfortable with, and outline what action steps you need to take.

Don’t worry, you won’t leave without a plan if we run over!

This is ideal for addressing problems like…

  • A review of your website and ideas to improve results
  • Ideas on how to approach your audience to create more awareness.
  • Ways to better connect and engage with your community

I recommend this for anyone who wants help with ideas, looking to create a strategy, or needs clarity and direction in a collaborative session.

Ready to start some serious brainstorming?

Optimized Coaching

This in-depth coaching approach consists of four, one-hour sessions that dig into your existing marketing strategy and determine how to maximize your awareness efforts and results.

The focus of these sessions is to translate information into actionable steps that will improve your marketing efforts.

This is ideal for solving problems like…

  • Trouble understanding and maximizing paid advertising campaigns.
  • Not knowing how to attribute your marketing efforts to your focused result.
  • Trying to determine which metrics best contribute to your focused results.
  • Identifying which marketing efforts can be increased (or cut back).

I recommend this for anyone that already has a marketing process but needs to better understand, evaluate, and optimize its output in a timely manner.

Ready to fine-tune and optimize your awareness efforts?

Customized Awareness Plan

This one-month program lets us join forces to fully collaborate and develop a customized awareness plan you’re confident in and excited about. 

This is what you can expect. 

  • I’m completely available for any questions, feedback, or support you may need.
  • A questionnaire to better understand your team’s motivations, focus and goals.
  • Kick-off with an initial coaching session to better understand your needs. 
  • Complete review and audit of your game, studio and awareness efforts. 
  • Research your market and audience to find new opportunities and ways to stand out. 
  • From our collaboration, a complete, step-by-step awareness plan for you to follow.
  • Follow up session so you understand, are confident and excited to create awareness for your game.

The goal is to develop an actionable plan in a simple step-by-step process that your studio can follow. 

This is ideal for anyone who…

  • Knows they’re capable of doing their marketing but doesn’t know where to start
  • Doesn’t know how to create an effective awareness plan for their game
  • Needs a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow. 
  • Wants extra support and guidance along the way.   

I recommend this for anyone that is looking for a clear direction so they can be confident and empowered with their games awareness efforts. 

Ready for a plan that creates awareness and results?

Sustainability Programs

These are customized long-term programs where we partner together to create a plan, grow a thriving community, and build sustained awareness for your game.

This is what you can expect.

  • I’m completely available for any questions, feedback, or support you may need.
  • You set the duration of your program ( 3+ months suggested).
  • The same process as the customized awareness plan (listed in the previous section above).
  • Create strategies that make your community a destination hot-spot.
  • Direct collaboration to create fun ways to get people excited about your game. 
  • Develop time-saving processes to create awareness while building your community.
  • Create routines that improve awareness and generate sustained results.
  • Outline creative ways to further increase awareness and amplify results.

The goal is to develop a repeatable process that your studio can use to continue to build thriving communities and sustained awareness for your games. 

This is ideal for anyone who…

  • Needs to build a thriving community with their handheld along the way.
  • Wants creative ways to make content that attracts their audience.  
  • Looking for effective and fun ways to engage their community. 
  • Needs to create processes to quickly optimize marketing efforts.
  • Interested in finding new approaches that stand out and increase awareness.
  • Would like help translating information into actionable steps.
  • Wants to create predictable and sustained long-term results.

I recommend this for small to medium-sized teams that are committed to long-term growth for their studio and developing a publishing portfolio.  

Interested in learning more?