About RenGen Marketing for Indie Games
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About RenGen


Dedicated to Understanding the Indie Gamer Market

We’re a small digital marketing consulting team that believes in a whole lot more than just getting great indie games out there for people to play.  We’re part of a movement; a cultural shift for the greater indie game community which promotes and fuels creativity through innovation and collaboration among indie devs and players.

RenGen is short for Renaissance Generation, a term coined by Patricia Martin which basically describes a similar movement mentioned above where brands no longer have the influence they used to over users actions, but the two come together to form a symbiotic relationship.

We understand this shift by taking a different approach to internet marketing through creative and innovative solutions for the indie game industry. Gamers have evolved and are more aware than ever on how they are targeted to. Indie game developers and publishers face this challenge too and we show them it’s no longer a matter of marketing to your prospective fans, but communicating with them.  

An even bigger challenge is overcoming the recent growth of the indie game industry. With the barrier of entry so low, it makes it remarkably challenging for new games to stand out. It’s not that there is an indie apocalypse on the horizon, it’s simply that good games need to be great.

Even with a great game, it’ll still need a great marketing strategy to succeed. We know this and the insight we share with indie game developers can help improve their game’s success.

Our topic focused consulting services allow us to educate you on improving the visibility of your game, effectively engage with your fans, and be equipped with the right tools and resources.

Regardless of what capacity we work with you on your game, we’re still in this together. We are all part of the indie game movement. Sharing creative and innovative ideas through collaboration to foster a new and growing culture we love so much.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s grow this together!