About RenGen


Dedicated to Serving the Indie Dev Community.

About Andrew

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Though my career path led me to one in marketing, it’s always been my purpose to educate and empower others. 

I’m a very passionate guy, especially when it comes to games. 

When I realized that indie game developers didn’t have the proper understanding or resources to market their game during development, it really bothered me. 

Naturally, because of my purpose and passion, I developed a strong desire to serve indie game developers by helping them take action so they can get noticed, build their communities, and follow their dreams. 

Doing so allowed me to become part of a growing indie game community, which I’m always extremely proud of.

Honestly, there’s not much more rewarding than that. 

If you ever have a question or even just want to chat about games, I’m always open to the opportunity to build a relationship. I hope you are too! 



About RenGen

RenGen’s philosophy is based on a simple concept; To educate and empower the indie dev community.

While it’s simply put, it goes far beyond that.

Whether you know it or not, we’re part of an indie game movement, a cultural shift for the gaming community. This change promotes and fuels creativity through innovation and collaboration among indie devs and players.

RenGen is short for Renaissance Generation, a term coined by Patricia Martin which basically describes a similar current movement where brands and people come together to form a symbiotic relationship.

We understand this shift by taking a different approach to internet marketing through creative and innovative solutions for the indie game industry.

Players have evolved and are more aware of how they’re marketed to. It’s a challenge that both game developers and publishers face. We show them it’s no longer a matter of marketing to your prospective fans, but communicating and engaging with them.

Having a great game helps, but building a foundation based on effective strategies that excite and engage with players are still needed in order to succeed.

We want to continue and build this community with you. To guide you on your journey so you can succeed and continue to grow the gaming culture we’re all a part of.


Are you making the same mistakes other indie devs are with their marketing?


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