Want to get to your destination faster? Stop running faster.

If you ever ran to exercise, you may have thought about how you could get to your destination faster. 

The thought crossed my mind too, so one day I looked into it. 

At first, I thought I just needed to…well, run faster. 

That seemed pretty obvious. If you want to go faster in your car, you push the gas pedal more. 

However, I was completely wrong. 

When you run faster, you get tired faster.

For most people that don’t train regularly or have a routine, running faster isn’t sustainable

But even if you train regularly and can keep a fast pace, it’s not about the speed. 

It’s about the number of strides it takes you to get to your destination.

This same concept applies to bikes, cars and almost everything else in life. 

You can pedal faster on a bike, and still go very slow depending on which gear you’re in. 

You may not notice this in cars are most are automatic, but if you never get out of first gear, you’ll still go slow. 

Your strides are like the gears in bikes and cars. 

Increase your strides to increase your games awareness

This concept also applies to everything you do with your indie game marketing.

Doing things fast isn’t necessarily going to get you to your goals quicker.

You’re more likely to burn out faster and not get anywhere. 

Determining effective marketing efforts will increase your strides and can be sustained

But if you really want to go fast, you need to monitor and improve your strides.

Create a routine from the latter, and that’s how you get more results and reach your destination faster

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