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Episode Name:

Maintaining Your Wellbeing in the Games Industry

Episode Description:

With the stigma around mental health discussion slowly starting to go away, more and more industries are being tasked with examining their own mental health implications and ways to overcome these challenges.

With games being a high stress environment, we’re taking a look at some ways to manage mental health while working in the industry.

Q?Box Round Answers

What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

Sports climbing

What’s one daily habit you do to keep a clear and healthy mind?

Physiological sigh

What game are you playing now?



We covered quite a bit today. Could you list ONE suggestion or tip you would recommend to indie devs based on our discussion?

  1. Focus on one thing at a time


How to get in touch with Kevin

Website: https://www.flowmade.me/

LinkedIn: Link

OTHER SOURCES: upcoming podcast Gideon’s War on Crunch

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