Leveraging Your Brand Across Different Arenas with Angelica Chapman-Sykes – Ep 354 Shownotes

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Leveraging Your Brand Across Different Arenas

Episode Description:

In an industry where branding bridges diverse platforms and mediums, navigating its nuances presents a lot of different challenges. But overcoming them, can create lots of new opporutnities.

Join us as we delve into different strategies and perspectives that can guide your brand seamlessly across different arenas, regardless of your stance, values or position. Discover how to leverage communication skills and forge authentic partnerships to propel your brand forward in the ever-evolving landscape of content creation in the game industry.

Q?Box Round Answers


We covered quite a bit today. Could you list 3 suggestions or tips you would recommend to indie devs based on our discussion?

  1. Make sure you surround yourself with poeple that support you
  2. Just post!
  3. Don’t let your limiting beliefs hold you back


How to get in touch with Angelica Chapman-Sykes

Website: https://bio.site/angelicachapmansykes

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelica-chapman-sykes/

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