An Indie Game Movement Update Announcement – Ep 262u Show Notes

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Episode Name:

An Indie Game Movement Update Announcement – A Short Hiatus 

Episode Description:

While it was a bit challenging to make this decision, Mustapha and I are taking a short hiatus to focus our efforts on other projects we have going on for the end of the year. In light of that, we briefly discuss the importance of taking time for yourself to tackle your own projects and even to unplug a bit, plans we have for the other year, and when you can expect us to be back in full force again! 


Let us know what you think should make it to our highlight, end-of-the-year episode!  Twitter: @IGMPodcast Twitter: @mustaphaprice Email: andrew@rengenmarketing.com Here’s a list of the interviews we referenced that shared the most popular advice from our guests! 
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