How to Crush Your Steam Marketing With Bruno Laverny – Indie Game Movement Ep 259 Show Notes

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How to Crush Your Steam Marketing With Bruno Laverny  

Episode Description:

Knowing the right actions to take can be a little daunting when it comes to promoting your game on Steam prior to launch. There’s a lot of different paths to take, and not all are created equal making this a challenge for any dev.  


Thankfully, Bruno Laverny of Ishtar Games shows how his team navigated these questions through coming up with a simple plan and breaking things down so they could meet their goals and crush their steam marketing.  


What’s your favorite food? Oeufs cocottes aux maroilles – Basically a creamy egg casserole  


Biggest gaming pet peeve? Souls Like games (Dark Souls, etc.)  


What cereal brand best represents your personality? Cheerios  


If you could only watch one show for an entire month, what would it be? Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Place  


What game are you playing now? Ace Attorney  



    1. Have everything ready when you announce your game.
    2. Look at other competitors/marketplace and see how you can provide as much value as possible.
    3. Really understand and put yourself in your player’s shoes.
    4. BONUS: Make posts on Reddit to learn more about your audience.



Website:Ishtar Games 

Twitter: @H3gor 

The Last Spell Steam Page 

Resources Article Referenced that Bruno wrote.


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