How to Make a Kickstarter Comeback – Indie Game Movement Ep 103 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

How to make a Kickstarter Comeback

Episode Description:

Crowdfunding is one avenue that indie devs and many others always look to in hopes of getting the funds they need which will take their project to the next level. But one thing that always looms over projects is the possibility of failure. We’re here with Kunal of SWDTech Games to talk about how their first Kickstarter campaign for their game Pixel Noir failed and how they made the ultimate comeback the second time around and fund their game.

Q?Box Round Answers!

The Q?Box round is a series of random questions so you can get to know a little bit more about our guest.

Dogs or Cats?


Name one country you always wanted to travel to.


What is your most inspiring game.

Chrono Trigger

If you could say one word for an entire day, what would it be?


What’s one of your biggest gaming pet peeves?

Unnecessarily, overly long tutorials that go on for an hour or so.

Name one thing that motivates you every day.

Tempted to say coffee but really it’s various composers such as Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura, Hiroki Kikuta and many more. Any not mentioned know who they are 🙂 

Key Takeaways

  1. Keep your scope limited and make sure you understand the concept of minimal viable product.  
  2. Make sure you stick to your vision and story. Don’t get caught up in “feature creep” or rely too much on game features.
  3. Understand when and how to use ad spending marketing and not to solely rely on it.
  4. Focus on engaging the community and fan base, though it may be a lot more work it carries much more weight in the long run
  5. Realize that your team (regardless of it’s size) are the true heroes. Regardless if it’s your vision or not, you are in the trenches together and they are the ones that will help bring that vision forward.


More info about SWDTech Games and Pixel Noir

Kickstarter: Pixel Noir Kickstarter Campaign

Website: www.swdtechgames.com 

Twitter: @SWDTechGames

Facebook: SwdTechGames

Where to purchase the game:

Pixel Noir is COMING SOON! (Q2, 2018) and can be purchased on the following platforms:

Mac, PC, Linux, Steam


XBox One

PS Vita



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