Using Data to Create Impactful Influencer Campaigns with Xavier Constantin – Indie Game Movement Ep 278 Shownotes

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Episode Name:

Using Data to Create Impactful Influencer Campaigns with Xavier Constantin

Episode Description:

We all know the importance influencers play in creating awareness for games, but despite this many people don’t always know exactly what information can be helpful to better tailor their campaigns or even help with other marketing efforts.

That’s why we’re talking with Xavier Constantin of Streamforge to discuss the importance data and analytics play in influencer campaigns and how that information can be applied to have a greater impact on your results.

Q?Box Round Answers!

The Q?Box round is a series of random questions so you can get to know a little bit more about our guest.

Water skiing or tubing?

Water skiiing

What’s your favorite book movie?

Lost in Translation directed by Sofia Coppalo. 

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A cat

Peanut butter or chocolate?


What game are you playing now?



We covered quite a bit today. Could you list 3 suggestions or tips you would recommend to indie devs based on our discussion?

    1. If you’re looking for a publisher, challenge them on what they’re doing for influencer marketing.  
    2. If doing reach out, go with quality over quantity.  
    3. Reach out to Xavier to see how he can help!  


How to get in touch with Xavier and Streamforge

Streamforge Website: Streamforge.com

Xavier’s email: xavier(at)streamforge.com

Xavier’s Twitter: @XavConstantin

Xavier’s LinkedIn

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