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Layering Beats and Events to Maximize Results

Episode Description:

The marketing of games is a delicate balance and requires a lot of careful thought. Between hitting your development milestones and determining how those can align with your marketing, there’s not always a straightforward answer to what you should be doing and when.

However, our guest today discusses ways to approach this and how to implement events and other beats into your game marketing strategy so you’re not only prepared to adapt, but are able to maximize your campaign results as well.

Q?Box Round Answers

What’s your favorite book?

Been a while, but a Dune nerd, and read lots of indie comics and Edge magazine.

If you could meet one fictional character, who would you choose?


What’s your favorite games event?

As of now, Gamescom and PAX East

What game are you playing now?

Narita boy
Chained Echos
Gran Turismo 7


We covered quite a bit today. Could you list 3 suggestions or tips you would recommend to indie devs based on our discussion?

  1. Keep your ear to the ground and know what’s happening.
  2. Don’t have fear to reach out for help or advice.
  3. Don’t get caught up in your own plans and be flexible.


How to get in touch with Antoine

Website: Purple is Royal

Twitter: @antoinebord

Discord: Indie Asylum Discord Invite

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