The Importance of Future Planning for Indie Devs – Indie Game Movement Ep 138 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

The Importance of Future Planning for Indie Devs

Episode Description:

For most indie devs working on a game, it’s probably safe to say that their number one priority is focusing on the game and wherever they are in the development cycle, and understandably so. But while it’s good to be focused and driven to complete tasks at hand, it’s also important to dedicate some of that time to reflect and plan ahead. That’s why today Mustapha and I discuss the importance of evaluation, projection and execution as it relates to us directly and indie devs too so you can be better positioned to not only hit your goals but potentially exceed them and be ready for anything that gets thrown in your way.

Main Takeaways to Consider

  1. Take and make time to evaluate all aspects of your development to better plan ahead.
  2. You’ll never know the future, but planning can give you a guide to follow when things don’t go your way.
  3. Set your goals slightly higher, so you don’t get too comfortable and put yourself in a position to over-deliver.


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