How Indie Devs Can Market Their Game After Launch – Indie Game Movement Ep 139 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

How Indie Devs Can Market Their Game After Launch

Episode Description:

You’ve finally made it! You worked long and hard, your game is hitting the market at last and you’re getting ready for all of that public reception. But just because your game is out and the end of this journey is in sight doesn’t mean you should stop your marketing efforts.

Thankfully, Tanya X Short of Kitfox Games has been in this scenario multiple times with their own titles in addition to titles they’ve published, providing valuable insight not only why you should continue to market your released games but also ways to maintain that marketing momentum.


Q?Box Round Answers!

Favorite genre of book? Short science-fiction anthologies

Favorite vegetable? Potatoes

Your proudest Twitter moment? Seeing that her protege Victoria Tran surpasses her in followers.  


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Key Takeaways to consider when marketing your game after launch. 

  1. Consider how quickly you discount your game after launch. 
  2. Consider how much you discount your game after launch. 
  3. Know that once launched, you may be shifting more into a customer service role. 
  4. Be prepared for your user review score to slowly go down in time. 



How to get in touch with Tanya and KitFox Games?


Twitter: @tanyaxshort


Check out Kitfox Games’ games here!

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