How Indie Devs Can Leverage the Dev Community – Indie Game Movement Ep 140 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

How Indie Devs Can Leverage the Dev Community

Episode Description:

When it comes to devs supporting the indie dev community, sometimes people can feel that doing so can be counter-intuitive and be viewed as a way to support your competition.

In today’s episode, our guest Chris Zukowski of Howtomarketyourgame gives their reasons why this couldn’t be further from the truth by providing great examples of how devs have leveraged their community to gain valuable insight and create powerful opportunities that they wouldn’t have been able to do alone.


Q?Box Round Answers!

Favorite book? The Great Gatsby

If you could only say one word for a day, what would it be?


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Frog legs

What are you playing right now? 

Half-life Alex on the Occulus.   


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Key Takeaways to consider when leveraging the game dev community. 

  1. Reach out, network, and be friendly with other devs. 
  2. Do think too much about how you will reach out to others, just do it! 
  3. Join Chris’s newsletter at his website (Link provided below).



How to get in touch with Chris and HowtoMarketYourGame?

Marketing Website:www.howtomarketyourgame.com

Games Website: www.returntoadventuremountain.com

Twitter: @AdventureMtn


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