How Indie Devs Can Have the Inclusion Conversation – Episode 127 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

How Indie Devs Should Have the Inclusion Conversation 

Episode Description:

Given current events or any future events, we know that there’s always a boiling point when conversations of diversity in all spaces are left unchecked. In games in particular, there tends to be a lot of confusion around the correct approach to building an inclusive environment within your game, your communities, and your approach to marketing.

This is really important because what you do and how you say things can impact others without even realizing it. With our guest Victoria Tran of Kitfox Games, we’re going to dig in and approach the challenging topic of inclusion as it pertains to games-related spaces and beyond.


Q?Box Round Answers!

The Q?Box round is a series of random questions so you can get to know a little bit more about our guest.

1)Favorite Meme?

Fine meme with dog and fire.

2) Mario or Luigi


3) A place you want to visit?


4) Milkshakes or Smoothies?


5) Favorite animated movie?

Can’t list one, loves too many. 

5) What game are you playing now?

Animal Crossing


Main Takeaway to Consider

  1. Be more critically engaged with the game industry. 


RESOURCES, LINKS and Ways to Get Involved

Game Developers of Color Support Group 


Black Game Developer Fund on Humble Bundle

How to get in touch with Victoria and Kitfox Games?



Website: Kitfox Games

Twitter: @KitfoxGames


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