Indie Game Movement – Update Episode 126 Show Notes


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Episode Name:

Indie Game Movement – Update Episode 

Episode Description:

Mustapha and Andrew share some new and exciting changes we have in store for the podcast and our listeners!  


Featured Dev Stories

We want to know about how you’re taking action with your business and your game’s marketing and share it with the rest of our listeners. For those of you interested in sharing your story with the community and being a potential guest on the show, go to rengenmarketing.com/IGMmystory  


Patreon has Launched!

In addition to your support, so we can explore and expand IGM, Patreon gives us a much better way to directly communicate with the entire community! If you would like to and are able to support the show, please visit: www.patreon.com/IGMPodcast  


IGM Video Series – Quick Tips

Weekly YouTube series which dives into tactics and tools we have mentioned on previous shows and more. Link to Channel coming soon


As always, thanks again for your support in being such great listeners and above all, taking action!



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