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How Indie Devs Can Provide Value to Their Communities and Beyond – Indie Game Movement Ep 132 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

How Indie Devs Can Provide Value to Their Communities and Beyond

Episode Description:

Finding ways to provide value to communities can be a challenge, especially when your attention and focus is more around the development of your game or studio. While this is important, looking outward and providing value to other communities can provide valuable insight and opportunities you never thought possible. Today, Mustapha and I will be discussing different types of communities that devs can help enrich while building the integrity and authority of their brand.


Main Takeaways to Consider

  1. What’s important to you and aligns with your values?
  2. How can this benefit your brand and your community?
  3. How does this relate to your brand identity and retain thematic consistency?
  4. Is the format conducive to you and your audience? 


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