How Indie Devs Can Serve Their Audience with the Right Intent – Indie Game Movement Ep 131 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

How Indie Devs Can Serve Their Audience with the Right Intent

Episode Description:

Whenever you market or promote your game, it can become a little weird. Putting yourself out there and calling attention to your game can come off self-serving. Feeling this way is normal, but you should never let it hinder you from getting the word out about your game. Today, Mustapha and I will be discussing the problems that a lot of devs face in addressing these issues by changing your mindset and understanding what you’re doing is really serving your audience.

Main Takeaways to Consider

  1. Really understand what it means to serve your audience.
  2. Know that you’re not being “salesy” but that you are doing things to serve your audience.
  3. Get to know your audiences and what their interests are.
  4. Be clear about your intentions.
  5. Always keep your audience in mind. 


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