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Episode Name:

How to Tackle TikTok with Eylul Ozekes

Episode Description:

Whenever there is a relatively new and different platform that game studios aren’t familiar with, it can be a very daunting task to create a presence, let alone one that will generate results. And for many, that’s TikTok.


But despite its differences, TikTok is proving to be an effective platform for creating awareness and results. Thankfully Eylul Ozekes of Sarepta Studio is here to share her experience with the platform and help navigate its nuances so you have a better idea of how to tackle TikTok.

Q?Box Round Answers!

The Q?Box round is a series of random questions so you can get to know a little bit more about our guest.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream

Most influential/inspiring game?

Disco Elysium and To the Moon

One country you always wanted to visit?


If you could only watch one movie for a day, what would it be?

Pride and Prejudice 

What game are you playing now?

Dragon Age Inquisition


We covered quite a bit today. Could you list 3 suggestions or tips you would recommend to indie devs based on our discussion?

    1. Batch prepare a little bit of your content – frequency is important. 
    2. Take time to understand the platform. 
    3. Establish your expectations where you are in game development. 
    4. Keep the consumer journey in mind.



How to get in touch with Eylul

Website: Sarepta Studio

Twitter: @sareptastudio

Eylul’s Twitter: @rosecatcas

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