An Indie Game Movement Special Announcement – Ep 150 Show Notes

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Episode Name:

An Indie Game Movement Special Announcement – IGM V2.0

Episode Description:

Since the show’s inception, Indie Game Movement has come a long way. What started out as a means to offer clear insight around topics that needed further attention has developed into a platform that supports and educates a thriving community.

In today’s episode, we share our experience so far, what the progress was like and how we have decided to take that and make things more fun and helpful in a special announcement episode!

Main Takeaways and things to look forward to!

  1. Overall YOY growth at 140% (unique user downloads). 
  2. New Logo/Theme. 
  3. Get ready for Master Class/Deep Dive topics.
  4. Contractor and Listener interviews
  5. Panel-style interviews.
  6. Other fun and themed base episodes!


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Here’s a list of the interviews we referenced that shared the most popular advice from our guests! 

Be Transparent

IGM Episode 110

IGM Episode 112

IGM Episode 133

Focus on User Experience

IGM Episode 112

IGM Episode 115

IGM Episode 121

Have Empathy and be Kind

IGM Episode 110

IGM Episode 119

IGM Episode 124


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